Single Shaft Shredder


Product introduction
Single Shaft Shredder

Single shaft shredder integrates intelligent built-in arc feed pusher, minimal gap shredding , dense arrangement of cutters and shaft, cutters quick adjustment and other patented technologies. From the beginning of the design of single shaft shredder is to pursue higher throughput, lower operating costs, less maintenance time, more safety and humanized operating experience.


Harden has accumulated rich shredding experience with single shaft shredder and has corresponding parameter configurations for different material handling in torque, rotating speed, action program and cutter. Whether it is flexible and high strength leather cloth or low density air selected light material and other raw materials, single shaft shredder can process the material with excellent performance and throughput.

Product characteristics
Patented close row arrangement cutter
Harden developed shredding technology of close row arrangement cutter to ensure high throughput requirement for low density light material and the cutting efficiency increased by 50%. 
Intelligent built-in arc pressing technology

Pressing technology is crucial to single shaft shredder. Harden developed intelligent built-in arc pressing technology based on serval shredding experience. Advantages are as follow:

1)       Driven by arm force and no guide rail needed.

2)       Intelligent control of pressing speed according to shaft load.  

3)       Intelligent decision whether shorten pressing distance or not according material condition.

4)       Equipped with allocate structure to enhance utilization rate of cutter shaft.

5)       Both front and rear are equipped with anti-blocking structure to avoid jamming. 

Reliable and efficient power transmission

Reliable belt drive combined with high quality planetary reducer promises excellent power performance. Detailed advantages are as follow:

1)       Combined belt: guarantees high transmission rate and stable operation.

2)       Quick replacement: standard accessories without long replacement time.

Exclusive perforated screen ensures discharge rate

Single shaft shredder is euipped with perforated screen which controls discharge size of the material. Advantages are as follow:

1)       Hydraulic drive saves time and labor.

2)       Multiple screens structure design; each screen is light and easy to remove or install.

3)       Hexagonal mesh screen increases material passing area.

CE security protection function

Single shaft shredder has passed CE safety certification and a variety of security protection function. Advantages are as follow:

1)       Automatic protection against foreign object: automatic reset safety clutch coordinates with high precision sensor. When unbreakable foreign object is fed into cutting chamber, the safety clutch will separate automatically and shredder shuts down.

2)       Door safety switch: all machine doors are equipped with safety switch and interlock with main shaft. Once opened, machine cannot be turned on.

Scope of application
Leather Scraps
Leather Scraps
Presorted Municipal Solid Waste
Presorted Municipal Solid Waste
Presorted Legacy Waste
Presorted Legacy Waste
Paper Mill Waste
Paper Mill Waste
Biomass Straw
Biomass Straw
Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated Cardboard
Packing Bag
Packing Bag
Decoration Waste
Decoration Waste
Crushing effect
00.Leather Scraps
01.Jumbo bags
02.Corrugated Cardboard
03.Presorted Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Effect before crushing
Effect after crushing
Effect before crushing
Effect after crushing
Effect before crushing
Effect after crushing
Effect before crushing
Effect after crushing
Crushing cases
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Product parameters

Motor Power(KW)264-320320-40040050090132160
Hydraulic Station Power(KW)1515151590132160
Cutting Chamber Dimension(AXB)(MM)3085X28203815X28203085X28203815X28201555X17852055X17852555X1785
Machine Dimension(LWH)(MM)4910X3240X42505640X3225X45506135X3480X43506870X3470X42903150X3220X44403650X3220X44404150X3220X4440
Side Outlet Dimension C (MM)1550158015801550105510551055
Side Outlet Dimension D (MM)1000(可调)1000(可调)1000(可调)1000(可调)765(可调)765(可调)765(可调)
Overall Weight(T)2126222714.516.519
Optional ItemsAutomatic fire fighting system、Variable frequency drive

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