Disc Screen


Product introduction
Disc Screen
The disc screen from Harden is a professional sorting machine which distinguishes different size and shape material by disc rolling. When the machine is working, all the polygonal discs rotate in the same direction with the roller, so that the materials on the polygonal discs realize the compound movement of horizontal and tumbling, which makes the materials looser, and the materials are hit and spread by the rotating polygonal discs and do jumping and tumbling. When the particle size of the materials in the process of movement is less than the disc gap, it will be left out from the side gap of the disc, so as to achieve the screening function.
Product characteristics
Modular design

Unit modular design makes shipment convenient | High production capacity with low floor area | Open type screening surface leads to maintenance friendly

Hexagonal or octagonal arc disc design
Modular design | Customized disc quantity | Maintenance friendly
Adjustable mesh screen

10-200mm adjustment depends on material property an screen purpose

Patented multi-layer sleeve design

Anti-blocking structure | Patented anti-winding design aims at large mesh screen

Infinitely variable speed control by variable frequency

Low energy cost | High safety performance

Wear-resistant chain linkage

Unique tension chain design | Stable operation

Scope of application
Legacy waste
Legacy waste
Kitchen waste
Kitchen waste
Decoration waste
Decoration waste
Solid waste
Solid waste
Sorting effect
00.MSW Screen
Effect before sorting
Effect after sorting
Sorting cases
Product parameters

Motor Power(KW)5.5-7.511-15
Motor Quantity12
Operation Area Dimension(L*W)3*1.6m5*1.6m
Capacity Design(T/H)15-2030-40
Mesh Screen Dimension(mm)20-35020-350
Electrical ControlVariable FrequencyVariable Frequency
Machine Weight(KG)~3000~5500
(The capacity is calculated according to the density of municipal solid waste 350kg/m³and the mesh size of 80mm)
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