Wind Shifter


Product introduction
Wind Shifter

Harden’s drum type wind shifter is composed of circulating fan, separation drum unit, conveyor, diffusion chamber, dust collector, and so on. According to the principle of aerodynamics, the machine takes the controllable air flow as the sorting medium, and under the action of the controllable air flow, the matter is selected according to the density and particle size. The flow can carry lighter materials (such as paper, feathers, plastic bags, dead leaves, etc.) up or horizontally to a greater distance, while heavy materials fall due to the updraft cannot support them, or are thrown horizontally for a shorter distance due to inertia. Therefore, the wind separation process is based on the settlement law of various solid waste in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of classification and recycling.


The main structure of wind shifter includes: feed conveyor, rotating drum, blower, heavy material conveyor belt, fan separator, settling chamber, light material conveyor belt and dust filter.

Product characteristics
Simple structure for convenient maintenance

Mainly composed of conveying system and air-blast system | High sorting efficiency | Maintenance friendly

Adjustable angle of feeding and air blowing

0°- 90°flexible adjustment based on the material property to realize expected separation performance.

Adjustable channel distance

The distance is adjustable between the entrance or exit of the separation chamber and the roller to the discharge channel | Adjustable distance from separator to rotating drum to realizes separation performance.

Aerodynamics principle

Heavy material will be sent to storage bin or discharge conveyor belt, while the lighter material will be discharged to settling chamber through separation drum.

Flexible and convenient air volume regulation

Fan separator is equipped with air control valve and pressure value, which can flexible adjust air volume to nozzle and dust filter.

Negative pressure suction environment of diffusion chamber

Negative suction environment ensures excellent separation performance for light material.

Scope of application
Pre-shredded Bulky Waste Separation
Pre-shredded Bulky Waste Separation
Industrial Waste Separation
Industrial Waste Separation
Pre-shredded Municipal Solid Waste Separation
Pre-shredded Municipal Solid Waste Separation
Packaging Paper Mill Waste Separation
Packaging Paper Mill Waste Separation
Pre-sorted Legacy Waste
Pre-sorted Legacy Waste
Sorting effect
00.Sorting Performance
Effect before sorting
Effect after sorting
Sorting cases
Product parameters

Blast Capacity(m³/h)12465~28949264-320
Feeding Size(mm)<300mm
Sorting Efficiency>90%
Feeding Conveyor Belt Width(mm)1200mm800mm
Airflow Velocity at Separation PointAdjustable according to moisture content and density of material

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